Transgender & Crossdressers Dressing Advice

Transgender & Crossdressers Dressing Advice

1. Basic black or nude bra

Every girl needs a basic bra, so a simple nude or black bra is a must. If you are having a hard time finding your size, it is recommended that you buy one in a wide range of sizes to fit most transvestites and transgender women. (Band sizes 36-54, cup sizes A-G)

Basic black or nude bra2. Panty gaff

For a flat and feminine look, panty gaff is your best friend. A gaff is, of course, a type of underwear designed to provide smoothness in the front. Vaginal gaff or vagina pant can transform you into perfect sexy woman.

Vagina Pant with Penis Tube

3. Shaping camisoles

Who couldn't use a little slimming in the middle area? Shaping camisoles will help slim your waist and tummy without squeezing you like a corset or belt would.

4. Padded panties

If you crave curves (and who doesn't?) , padded panties offer an instant solution. Your options range from light lifting to full hip and butt shaping.

Hip Enhancer Vagina Pant
5. Nude or black pantyhose

While women don't wear pantyhose as often as they used to, pantyhose look more textured than bare skin and enhance the look of your legs. Your lingerie closet should include a pair of black and/or nude hose.

That's all.

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